Symposium for Combustion Control

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The automotive world is facing rapid changes. Real world driving emissions are in the focus of the public, well established technologies are reassessed and new players enter the global market. To achieve a sustainable and green mobility the development of effi cient and clean combustion engines is one of the key requirements. Most of the promising and novel approaches require innovative closed-loop control approaches, detailed physical models, powerful control logics and new sensor concepts.

The Symposium for Combustion Control was established in 2015 to foster the interaction between the scientific community and the automotive industry. Its focus are the latest theoretical and application-driven developments for the control of next generation combustion engines. In 2017, Dr.-Ing. M. Krüger (Robert Bosch GmbH), Prof. C. Onder (ETH Zurich) and Prof. B. Johansson (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) gave excellent keynote speeches. In the last years, the program was completed with presentations for example given by VW AG, DENSO, Daimler AG, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd., Ford, BMW Group, TNO Automotive, and many further international companies and universities.

The fourth Symposium for Combustion Control will take place on June 27th-28th, 2018, with the goal to continue the discussion of the recent topics.


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