Junior Professor for Mechatronic Systems for Combustion Engines

  Prof. Jakob Andert Copyright: Michael Rennertz

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jakob Andert directs the Junior Professorship for mechatronic systems for combustion engines and coordinates research in this interdisciplinary field. Structurally, the professorship is affiliated with the Institute for Combustion Engines under the direction of Professor Stefan Pischinger.

Both the proximity to the VKA and access to the infrastructure of the Center for Mobile Propulsion allow the efficient use of synergies and the direct interaction with researchers who are working on various topics related to combustion engines and mobile drive technology.

The research focus of the professorship is on complementary fields such as mechatronic engine components, hybrid powertrain technology, real-time combustion control by high-speed indication analysis, as well as topics related to connected mobility and interactive test benches. Hardware-in-the-loop and realtime co-simulations play a key role for development of next generation powertrain testing methodologies.

“Powertrain electrification and the use of smart components is a very promising approach for further improving efficiency and reducing emissions of combustion engines. However, the new degrees of freedom have to be calibrated and optimized carefully to tap the full potential of mechatronic systems. Holistic approaches to combine real-time simulation and component development at early stages are required to handle the rising complexity.”