Credit Transfer


If you have earned – or plan to earn – credits from another university, we are happy to examine whether you can have them counted towards one of the courses offered by the Junior Professorship for Mechatronics Systems for Combustion Engines. To process your request as quickly as possible, please provide us with the following information as part of your first mail to the respective contact person:

  • Full name, matriculation number, the exact title of your degree program including the appropriate level (Diploma, Bachelor or Master) as well as your current address and phone number.
  • Name of the course from the other university to be considered for credit transfer.
  • Name of the course from the Junior Professorship for Mechatronics Systems for Combustion Engines you would like to get your course from a foreign university accredited for.
  • Course Description with course topics, name of lecturer, workload of the course – in hours per week – and credits that can be earned. You can either send the course syllabus as attachment or a link leading to the required information.
  • Please indicate whether you have already completed or plan to take this course. In the first case, please attach a copy of your participation certificate.

Please note that we are unable to ensure a timely response if your request is incomplete. Moreover, you should contact the examination office responsible for you to ensure that a credit transfer is possible.